NLP/Machine Learning/Deep Learning consultancy and analysis by one of the leading researchers in the world.



I am a 35 year old university professor in NLP and Machine Learning at the Dpt. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. I have written a few literary books, published by Gyldendal, and I am a father of three. I have been a consultant for and collaborated with the best universities and companies such as MIT, Cambridge University, University of Washington, Google, Amazon, Founders, etc. Areas of expertise include document classification, entity recognition, knowledge base population, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, syntactic and semantic parsing, crowdsourcing, incl., semi-supervised learning, domain adaptation, and multi-task learning. I have worked with a wide range of data sources, including social media, legal documents, user reviews, Q&A communities, medical data, literary texts, etc. I also give popular lectures on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and obtaining a healthy work-life balance.